In Pursuit Of Divine Design

Retrieving Roots to find Purpose & Destiny

In Pursuit Of Divine Design

The Foundation Nation of South Africa, although one of the most ancient people groups, is one of the last Indigenous people groups in the world to be recognized within their own land and they are yet to enjoy the freedom of the Indigenous charter.  Through centuries of segregation and decades of apartheid, descendants of the Khoe Khoen were and still are classified as ‘Coloured’.  This classification stripped a people of their identity, the heritage of being a first nation and even their heritage of the other bloodlines they carry.  There is currently a political, economical and social struggle for these tribes, not just with the powers that be, but also with each other.

It is our desire that our people will come together and learn from other First Nations from around the world in areas where they have been successful or seen major break-throughs.  Daily, we will celebrate the reflection of God’s image as we create a platform for the release of the sights and sounds of all the different people groups.


Gathering of first nations and others from around the world to engage in strategies for cultural transformation and to enthrone God on the land with the beauty & diversity of expressions.


South Roots International – part of Island Breeze International invites you to be part of this bi-annual event.  First Nations from around the world will gather to share knowledge, experience, and strategy for the role of First Nations in a modern world.

Topics will include

• Not just the collective rights of indigenous peoples around the world, but also their stewardship responsibility towards the land and incoming nations.
• Sharing & Developing models of governance, economics, education and other spheres of society.
• Principles of “Firsts”
• Rising above marginalization and discrimination.
• First Nations role in the 4th industrial revolution.


• Enthroning the Creator on the land with the beauty and diversity of expressions.
• Fireside discussions
• Plenary sessions & Workshops by keynote speakers and facilitators for discussion groups.
• Talk story of success and victories.
• Arts & Craft Workshops and sharing of indigenous knowledge.
• Live Audio & DVD recordings


We strongly encourage role players in nation building and all who want to experience the reflection of the Creator’s image through the diversity of people groups and those who have a desire to enthrone Him as the Ancient of Days on this ancient land.


Cape Town, South Africa




Admin fee: TBA
Registration fee: TBA

NB: Please note that accommodation and meals are separate costs. Prices might change without prior notice.