Biblical Foundations Art Course

Retrieving Roots to find Purpose & Destiny

Biblical Foundations Art Course

The Biblical Foundation Art Course (BFAC) exists that we may equip artists with foundational principles to effectively steward their art and find their place in society.  Art disciplines include, but not exclusive to:  Fine Arts, visual arts, performing arts, culinary arts, fashion & design.


Impartation of biblical principles through training, to see the redemption of the arts to bring honour and glory to God and see His Kingdom come.  As the world is changing and the 4th Industrial revolution gains momentum, it is a critical time for artists to understand their role in this developing world and to know how to ensure the alignment with God’s word.

Course Format


Seminar 1: Three Weeks classroom lecture & workshop phase

Seminar 2: Three Weeks principles and training through production

  •  Weekend Excursions

  • Hands on with a local community
  • Multi-Disciplined Production Development
  • Optional post seminar outreach to the Kalahari with the Khomani San Bushmen.
  • Optional year internship with South Roots International – engaging with other artists around the city of Cape Town.


The BFAC is a course setting foundational principles for all other art specific courses in the University of the Nations’ College of Arts. It aims to equip the artist with principles and skill to impact society. The two seminars are a total of six weeks, in which the students will develop a production to be launched at the end of the 2nd seminar.


• God the artist.
• Art for social transformation.
• Developing art communities.
• The role of the artist in the 4th Industrial Revolution.
• Fulfilling the great commission as an artist.

  • Story Telling through various mediums.
  • Technical and Aesthetic skill development.
  • Artrepreneurs for sustainability.
  • Art in the Kingdom beyond evangelism.
  • Cultural Expression and Identity
  • World view and art History.


International and local leaders – pioneers in their artistic field. The BFAC aims to expose the students to diverse ways of thinking and equip them in applying truth, evaluating a Biblical response to some of society’s most pressing issues. The learning approach includes robust discussion and debates and practical excursions to underscore the lectures.


Seminar 1 – October 11-30 in Worcester

Seminar 2 – November 2-23 in Pelican Park



Our fees are based on the nationality of the applicant. This fees structure allows students coming from less privileged backgrounds to join in our training. The fees include tuition, food, & housing, but exclude outreach.

Seminar 1 (3 weeks long):

South Africans: R3600
Zone 1 (African countries): R3900
Zone 2 (Latin America and Asia): R4700
Zone 3 (N. America, Europe, and Oceania): R5700


SEMINAR 2  (3 Weeks)

South Africans – R4800

Zone 1 ( Africa) R4900

Zone 2 (Latin America, Asia) R5800

Zone 3 (N America, Europe, Oceania) R6500

Registration fee (required to process application)

Students from within South Africa shall pay R300.
Students from abroad shall pay R500.

Prices might change without prior notice.

Desired Outcomes

• Awareness of the student’s personal identity and strengths of their own nation.
• Deepening of personal & biblical worldview.
• The student must understand their history and the history of art, so that they can discover God’s purpose for them in this generation.
• Discover distortions within the arts and find principles to bring redemption.
• Appreciation of diversity of expression and God’s intention for it? What is demonic and what not?
• They should be able to articulate from a Biblical perspective, Genesis to Revelation, a biblical understanding of God the Creator and God the Potter.
• A clear understanding of honoring God through Art and the expression thereof.
• Create platforms for the celebration of the artistic expressions of each student.
• Students must leave with the understanding of their role and responsibility in society as an artist and as a believer of Christ to be the head and not the tail through excellence and innovation.
• The student must leave with an understanding of the world’s position on various issues and how they as an artist can bring about change.
• Each student will walk away with tools and skills for social  transformation.
• The student must have direction in formulating a business plan including vision and budget in order have sustainability as an artist.