Introduction to Principles of Redeeming Cultures Seminar

Retrieving Roots to find Purpose & Destiny

Introduction to Principles of Redeeming Cultures Seminar

Seminar for IB locations only! 

As we consider the approach of our 40 Year anniversary for Island Breeze, as well as the request from many of our ministry leaders to strengthen our connections internationally and provide some corporate training times, we will be running a 6 week in-house Cultural Redemption seminar for all of our locations.  This will be an opportunity for us to corporately hear from our international elders and leaders, as well as break down the foundational principles of cultural redemption and highlight the values that undergird the calling and unique anointing of Island Breeze.  This will not be as in-depth as a PRCS, however, it will enable us to be corporately strengthened in the redemptive purposes of Island Breeze, as well as reinforce our foundations internationally so that we can launch into our next 40 years with a renewed and unified sense of purpose, strength, and focus.

The seminar will run for 3 days a week for a total of 6 weeks, beginning on the 8th of September and finishing on the 15th of October (**Please note:  This will be the 7th of September to the 14th of October for Hawai’i, Kansas City, and Vancouver).

Each session will be run via zoom and be a maximum of 4 hours long.  The program will include:

–        Worship (Facilitated by different locations)

–        Lecture/panel time

–        Facilitated process time

–        Chat room/Breakout groups

–        Tea/Coffee Break

–        Summary

Topics will include:

–        Cultural mandate

–        Creational mandate

–        God the Artist

–        Sacred and Secular

–        Form versus Principle

–        Overview of the Domains

–        Three cords that Bind Indigenous People

–        Honoring through worship

–        GPS (Global Positioning System)

–        GSP (Global Spiritual Positioning)

–        IBGP (Island Breeze Global Positioning)


**  There will also be some form of assignments/application.

We have done our best to accommodate the majority of time zones however some of our locations will need to watch the recordings the following day and organize with us the break out groups, as we see the benefit of having as much diversity and crossover within those groups as possible.

The seminar timetable is as follows:


Hawai’i: 7 pm

Kansas City/Vancouver: 11 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

South Africa: 7 am

Finland: 8 am

Perth/Philippines: 1 pm

South Korea/Japan: 2 pm

Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra/Hervey Bay: 3pm

NZ: 5 pm


$20 / R280: accreditation

$15 / R210: No accreditation

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