Retrieving Roots to find Purpose & Destiny



South Roots International focuses on the identity and strengths of an individual to maximize their purpose. This is done through various training programs, with a strong focus on one on one mentoring.

In 2024, SRI is offering an 11-month internship, which can convert into a full time three-year commitment.


Phase 1:           12 February – 5 April 2024 (Trial Period)

Phase 2:           8 April – 14 June 2024

Phase 3:           24 June – 13 December 2024


Kuils River, Cape Town –  Outreach destination to be confirmed.


Each intern needs to raise monthly support of R2200 to cover their basic training, transport,
accommodation, and costs of one main meal. Individual must take care of their own breakfast
and light meal, although there is often donations to assist in covering these costs.
Training includes the Discipleship Training School – Foundational school for all University of the Nations studies.   In the final quarter of the internship, the trainee will also engage in a secondary school with the UoN. At the end of period the student/intern graduates with credits towards their University of the Nations Degree. They can then go on to other schools around the world to achieve their degree.

Intern fees for the year – R24200

Registration Fees – R500

Secondary Accredited School fees – approximately R9 000

  • Secondary accredited School fees and Outreach / Tour Fees are not included in the costs of each phase. The intern is required to fund raise along with the rest of the team to cover these costs.


Payments must be made to South Roots International in advance of each phase on
a monthly basis.  The registration & first month’s fees must be paid before the intern arrives at the centre.


1. Training in performing arts – Dance, Drama, Singing, Cultural Expressions, Song Writing, Spoken Word.

2. Office management/computer literacy / Social Media.

3. Early Childhood Development using gymnastics and performing arts. (Gymrama)
3. Leadership development
4. One-on-one mentoring in life-skills and personal development.
5. Holistic growth – physically, emotionally, spiritually.
6. Development of a cultural expression production.
7. Developing a project in previously disadvantaged communities.
8 Local & possible international tours

8. Studies in:
• Developing an understanding of Cultural Redemption.
• Developing strategies for reconciliation and understanding the importance thereof.
• How the arts can be used to transform society.
• What does God say about my identity?
• Hearing the voice of God.
• To Know God and make Him known in all the nations.

9. Excursions to historical sites, parliament, and places of interest.
10. Cross-cultural activities throughout the city.
11. Finding Solutions for community ailments and to know how ‘Purpose Kills Addictions’.



Desired Outcomes

• Students must  have an awareness of their personal identity and strengths of their own nation.
• Deepening of personal & biblical worldview.
• The student must understand their history and the redemptive stories that were placed in their people group by God so that they can discover Him and His purpose for them.
• Discover distortions within their own cultures and find principles to bring about redemption.
• Appreciation of diversity and God’s intention for it?
• A clear understanding of honoring God through culture and the expression thereof.
• Create platforms for the celebration of the expression of each nation of students represented   to understand principles of honor and protocol, learning to love and embrace it.
• The student must leave with an understanding of the role of first nations.

  • Students must have the ability to critically think through today’s events such as the refugee crisis, USA’s political climate, Brexit etc.
  • Each student will walk away with tools for community transformation.
  • The student must have direction in formulating a Career Business Plan (CBP) including vision and budget.


To make this training affordable, South Roots International depends on sponsorship and donations.