Model Development

Retrieving Roots to find Purpose & Destiny

Over the years, South Roots International has developed various models for Social Transformation and partnered with other organizations in model implementation.

  • Musical theatre to bring about cultural redemption and reconciliation.
  • Playing for peace – Observation, and reconciliation of people groups.  (Partner: ARROWS)
  • Purpose Kills Addiction – Strength-based workshops for community intervention. (Partner:  JB Foundation)
  • Educational storytelling – ‘San, a living culture’ – Interactive primary school programme (Partner: M Lange)
  • Mother & daughter camps – for healing and reconciliation.
  • Youth environment clubs – ECO boys – Educating boys in life-skills, the environment and their role in society.
  • Performing arts Heritage camps – To equip the youth to express their heritage and uncover talents.
  • Early Childhood Development curriculum – Heritage discovery. CHIEFS – Creative Holistic Indigenous Education For Sustainability
  • WALKABOUT – Discovering original intent, heritage and roots on a walkabout with the Bushmen of the Kalahari.